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Carnival of Butterflies

Carnival of Butterflies

From 16 January to 2 March, come up close and personal with unique species of butterflies which can only be seen during this season, such as the:

· “Green Banded Peacock”. This particular species of butterfly is usually seen in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia (including Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi).
· “Common Rose” otherwise known as Singapore’s national butterfly.
· “Scarlet Mormom” with its impressive display flights.
· “Paper Kite” that floats like a paper and “Swift Peacock” that spots attractive shades of bluish-green on its wings.

Shoppers will also get a chance to handle exotic insects like the stick insect, the great beetle and leaf insect. After which, shoppers can complete the full experience by learning how to used persevered butterfly wings to make book marks and other crafts as memento.

In addition to the event, our gift with redemption includes a packet of holographic designed Chinese New Year Red packets and Luxurious Princes Cruises from Taiwan to Japan worth over $15,000 in our lucky draw.

From 16 to 21 Jan, Mothercare flagship store at HarbourFront will also be having their annual Pre CNY Baby Fair. This highly anticipated event is filled with massive discounts and exclusive deals during this period of time only.