teojoolengJoo Leng embarked on his career by joining the Management Associate scheme of Singapore Airlines (SIA). During his 9 years at SIA, he assumed various portfolios including operations, sales and regional roles and was selected into the coveted overseas manager programme where he was based abroad including Malaysia and India to manage the respective SIA offices. In 2010, Joo Leng returned to Singapore to join Far East Hospitality where he led the Sales & Marketing team of the Serviced Residence division. His responsibility was then enlarged to include the operations of the serviced residences in Singapore and Malaysia. In early 2013, Joo Leng crossed over to the Hotel division and was appointed as the General Manager of Oasia Hotel, the largest hotel within FEH. From January of 2015, Joo Leng concurrently took on the role of Head Corporate Development & Planning and reported in directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at FEH. For this role, Joo Leng was tasked with mapping out the future expansion plans, spearheading business development and also fortifying brand standards for the Group. Joo Leng graduated from the Nanyang Technological University with an Honours (2nd Upper) degree in Communication Studies. He is married with 2 children.